julian paulo rodrigues


WHENUA, our story

The journey begins the moment you receive the āmio band in the mail. It is your personal key to whenua both literally and figuratively. We encourage you to explore all the data it contains regarding your experience. Once you touch down in our magnificent country of New Zealand, you will be welcomed with open arms to our island. As you walk, look to your āmio band for guidance, as the closer you get to whenua, the brighter green the light on the bracelet will glow. You will be driven off road into the island’s untouched wilderness, weaving through trees, ascending upward, until the car stops, you have made it to whenua. Your āmio band now becomes a guide to your residence, with it also acting as the key. Activate your tech wall where it will demonstrate the adventurer’s haven, which is whenua. 

The movement within the site reflects this, as travel and activities are simultaneous. Guests move from layer to layer, to accommodations and to the commercial areas via a maze of exciting activities. The air layer activities include hang gliding, mountain climbing and tramping, which can be used to access the terrain layer. On the terrain layer, the activities are zip lining, tree top obstacle courses and tramping, which can be taken to get to the layers above and below it.

The water layer includes hiking, swimming and kayaking, which can be used to get around the water layer or above it to terrain layer. The gondola runs through the middle of the site and through all layers, which is turned on in the evening or as needed.

So get comfortable, put down your bag, go on to the deck, take a deep breath, feel the breeze in your hair and take in whenua’s terrain. You have arrived - mountains, forest, sea we have it all, right outside your doorstep for you to explore.


{Haukai(noun) feast. E te iwi, he haukai tēnei kei tō aroaro, kainga! People, this is a feast placed before you, devour it!}

As you walk through the tight STONE walls along the 
carved out steps you will arrive at HAUKAI. once you turn the corner into the RESTAURANT you are EMBRACED by the surrounding atmosphere. In haukai you are PLACED along the MOUNTAIN TOP allowing for breathtaking moments. the large glass sliding doors allow the guests a clear view over all of new zealand. being SURROUNDED by the SKY and placed WITHIN THE CLOUDS,relaxes the users and allows them to clear their mind. The OPEN CONCEPT kitchen enables a COMMUNITY based cooking environment where the users can interact with one another while preparing their meals. the OUTDOOR PATIO gives the chance to OVERLOOK new zealand once the 
guests have finished their FEAST AT HAUKAI.


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