julian paulo rodrigues


“I like being a strong, independent woman, and to be honest, I was never afraid to be on my own.”

Believe that passion and intimacy should be indulged, and that exploring your inner desires and fantasies profoundly enriches your life. 

Our statement

This independent retailer bases its retail environments off of its concept - “being a strong, independent woman.” Believing in intimacy, passion, and exploring inner desires, the shop markets itself towards upscale clientele who wish to explore fine lingerie items. Equipped with educated and helpful staff, the boutique shop will provide the best customer service possible, including personal shoppers. Designing the shop to be dramatic, sultry, and opulent, the store allows customers to experience the full impact of shopping in their retail environments around the 1940’s.

Our identity

Store caters to an up-scale clientele. This boutique also provides the service of personal shoppers for clientele who do not wish to/don’t have time to shop for their lingerie.  One of a kind, custom designed 40s themed lingerie offers an opulent range of inspirational creations, designed to intensify life’s pleasures and unlock your innermost desires. There is an elegant range of merchandise designed for both normal everyday wear and the boudoir moments in mind, ensuring that women can be sexy and professional.


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