julian paulo rodrigues


‘Pavilion’ typology

pa·vil·ion (p-vlyn)
i. A usually temporary structure erected at a fair or show for
use by an exhibitor:

BUD, my concept

i. to create an entrance and theatre space for growth, entertainment and enlightenment.

ii. reinterprets the typology of a threshold though which all people must pass and stay mimicking the blossoming gestures of its surroundings.
iii. point of circulation to a space gathering, the sprouting structure, alluding to the local flora, consists in two stylishly arching copper space frames build in hundreds of singles strips like growing buds from the trees framing the landscape. In the internal space formed at the converging of the two forms, the point of egress and, a new social gathering function is created with stepped seating with an open stage, that provides for several communal theatre productions with a sculptural construct and a picturesque backdrop. 


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